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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2010 7:00am-8:00am PST

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amador,. good morning. i'm chris sanchez, the roof collapses at the stadium where the minnesota vikings pla yplay. the pictures. a kidnapping case is cracked in san francisco. the amazing story of how a girl missing from redding for a month was spotted by her own cousin in the city. plus, on the same weekend nearly a dozen people were shot in oakland, the opd shows us how officers decide when they'll use deadly force. for some toddlers, sports are hardly a friendly game of mommy and me. how long is too young for serious competition. we have prince william and kate middleton's official
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engagement pictures. you know you want to see them. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. take a live look across the bay what you can see of it, lots of fog this morning and it is a spare the air day. what does that mean for your fire place and will you need it. i'm chris sanchez. "today in the bay" meteorologist rob has a look at your forecast. >> good sunday morning to you. we have patchy fog, misty skies in a few spots with 50s for the most part to get your day started. you'll notice some patchy fog lingering with highs in the low to mid 60s in parts of the bay area. not a bad day for most of your outdoor plans. we will finish the weekend on a dray note. plan on showers dropping back into the forecast starting tuesday and then more rain late in the week. and we begin with breaking news for you now. the roof of the stadium where the minnesota vikings play the metrodome, collapsed overnight
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because of a snowstorm. looking live at the metrodome in minneapolis right now, it collapsed around 5:00 in the morning their time there. no one was inside. no one was injured. investigators are assessing the damage. it is an inflatable roof made up of try angular teflon panels and seems some of those gave way. the head of the commission responsible for the stadium says his crews are assessing the damage and expects to issue a statement later. we're watching for that. the blizzard continues to pummel minneapolis and much of the upper midwest. some areas have gotten 20 inches of snow. for the twin cities, minneapolis-st. paul yesterday was the snowiest day on record with nearly 14 inches and counting. the snow that brought down the metrodome roof stranded t eed t supposed to take on the vikings today. the game had been moved to monday because the new york giants were stuck in kansas city when the snow shut down air travel.
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the game was moved from today to tomorrow at 5:00. the man in charge of the metrodome doubts the metrodome will be ready in time. that's a lucky break for brett favre recuperating for shoulder injury and hoping not to break his record of 297 consecutive starts. we're watching this for you. back at home a month long man hunt for a missing girl came to an end by chance this weekend in san francisco. it is the second missing child case in the city in as many days and ended with a safe return of the child. police found 15-year-old joan berlinghoff near the sports basement store near fulsome and 15th's streets where the girl's cousin happened to be spotting. the girl's cousin spotted the girl with her uncle and another man walking past the store yesterday afternoon. >> also the subsequent records check revealed that subject, who is mr. charles berlinghoff, 44-year-old male, is wanted out of shasta county for child
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abduction warrant. >> this morning the uncle charles berlinghoff, who you're looking at on your screen, is behind bars, charged with kidnapping his niece from her home in redding more than a month ago. another kidnapping case was cracked in san francisco this weekend as well and now investigators from virginia are trying to figure out why the child and her alleged abductor ended up in the city. 12-year-old brittany smith remains in protective custody in the bay area as officers from virginia wrap up their investigation. the girl was found alive thanks to an alert woman at a safeway store friday. the 32-year-old man suspected of kidnapping her is suspected of killing her mother. a nationwide search that started last monday in roanoke ended last night when a woman called police after recognizing the two from a national cable show. i should say the night before. the first priority is the girl's well-being. >> we would certainly like to get her back to virginia as soon
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as possible and we will be working with the authorities to make sure that happens. >> the investigators from virginia say they're not sure whether brittany went with the suspect willingly but did reportedly tell officers she knew her mother was dead. new this morning at least one man is in the hospital after an overnight shoot-out outside a pizza restaurant near oakland city hall. a police spokesman says officers watched two men shooting at each other as they ran an entire city block on broadway. police say one of the men who fired shots is now in custody. the second man was found a short distance away, suffering from a gunshot wound. he is now under guard at a nearby hospital. and police say it is possible that injured man is the second suspect in the gun fight. officers say there was a large crowd gathered outside the restaurant at the time of the shooting but no one else appears it to have been injured in the shoot-out. that shoot-out comes hours after one person was killed and four more injured in another shooting in oakland. police say they found five men
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and women wounded by gunshots on international boulevard near ninth avenue. one of the victims died at the scene. the other four are expected to recover. so far police have not arrested anyone in connection with this shooting but they do say it appears to be unrelated. to the gun battle we told you about near city hall. a royal police officer is on paid administrative leave after shooting and killing an armed man. officers say it all started around 3:00 yesterday afternoon when people nesonoma called 911 about a man with a gun near a group of teenagers. when the officers arrived they say the suspect ran into an alley north on florida street holding the gun. police say the officer fired his gun in self-defense hitting the suspect once. the suspect was air lifted in walnut creek where he died. some witnesses say the man may have tried to rob a nearby business. others tell the vallejo times herald the man may have been
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shooting a music video. police officers are trained extensively on when and how to use deadly force. today in the bay cheryl hurd has a look behind the scenes at how oakland police officers make those police-second decisions -- split second decisions. >> we're trying to train officers to make good decisions, trying to train officers to make decisions based on what they're seeing. >> reporter: to avoid excess use of force, the oakland police department opening its doors to members of the media and the community to find out what goes through the mind of a police officer before they use deadly force. the training starts in the classroom. >> assessing the situation, reading it for what it is and then treating the appropriate use of force. >> reporter: excessive force is controversial in oakland. former police officer mehserle was tried and convicted of involuntary manslaughter for killing oscar grant in 2009. grant did not have a weapon. right now the department is
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being criticized by some members of the community for the killing of deric jones who was shot and killed by two oakland police officers. police say they thought he had a weapon but the weapon ended up being a scale used to measure drugs. >> it's says easty to say after the fact what should have been done. it's more difficult to be placed in an environment where you have to make that decision. >> reporter: i was put in a situation to make a tough decision during training. >> you respond to a robbery in progress. >> stop, police. >> all right. don't shoot. don't shoot. shoot. >> did i get him? >> you fired because the guy attacked you, right? that may not be too bad based on the circumstances because i'm not in your shoes, i don't know what you saw. >> reporter: the chief implementing more training for officers. >> i will be meeting with the chief and we're going be too reviewing as to whether or not we have to change our policies or maybe just improve the training around the policies. >> reporter: the mayor-elect wants those decisions to be made
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early next year. cheryl hurd, today in the east bay. the oakland police department plans to hold more training sessions like this one for the public to attend and other reporters in the near futu future. still ahead on "today in the bay" -- the time has come for action. that's the message the swedish news agency got before a deadly terrorist blast. the madoff mess, a day after the suicide of the ponzi scheme's eldest son, a new lawsuit and a funeral bernie madoff may not get to attend.
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police in sweden say two explosions in central stockholm are acts of terrorism by a suicide bomber who killed himself and injured two people on a busy shopping street. officers say gas canisters inside a car blew up on a busy street yesterday causing panic among crowds of christmas shoppers. shortly afterward a second explosion was heard in a different spot on the same street. a swedish news agency says it
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received an e-mail threat just before the blast in which the rider claimed to have traveled to the middle east for jihad and the e-mail says, quote, the time has come to take action. the man responsible for recovering assets stole bin bernie madoff is suing two account thes for $900 million. the court appointed trustee accuses the accountant and members of the family of covering up the actions of bernie madoff. people close to the family says the lawsuit may be one of the factors that led to the alleged suicide of bernie madoff's son mark. bernie madoff is serving a 150-year prison sentence and may be barred from his son's funeral according to the rules at the north carolina jail where he is. mark madoff was the oldest son of the disgraced finance year who alerted police to his father's multibillion dollar scheme. his body was found this weekend exactly two years after his father's arrest.
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cnbc has been covering the story the past two years and has new information on the stunning and dark chapter to the bernie madoff saga. >> reporter: sources say 46-year-old mark madoff was increasingly distraught as the two-year anniversary of the scandal approached. early saturday morning his father-in-law found madoff hanged with a dog leash in his new york city apartment. madoff's 2-year-old son sleeping in the next room. >> mark madoff was found hanging from a pipe in the living room of the apartment. >> reporter: madoff and his younger brother andrew turned their father in to authorities after he confessed but the sons were never able it to escape suspicion they, too, were in on the scam. which they denied. a year ago the bankruptcy trusty in the case sued demanding mark madoff return $67 million in illegal payment to the victims, saying madoff knew, should have known about or deliberately disregarded the fraud. then just days ago the trustee
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filed another suit, naming had may daughter's wife, ex-wife and their two children. while mark madoff was never charged with criminal wrongdoing speculation continued to grow, including a wall street journal article posted on-line friday night. overnight madoff began sending e-mails to his wife who was vacationing with their 4-year-old daughter in florida saying he loved her and asking her to take care of the children. the last e-mail came around 4:00 a.m. ronny sioux who with her husband lost $1.7 million in the madoff fraud says the death is sad but she can't find much sympathy. >> when everything that you've worked for is taken away from you like that, it's very a financial loss and frustrating to not know who, how, why, how long, and in two years the
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victims haven't heard any of those answers. >> reporter: the death comes on the final day to file claims in the case. >> he's facing pressures on all sides on the civil arena, and in the criminal side. obviously it's not easy being -- having a last name madoff. >> reporter: ruth madoff reportedly living in florida is said to be heartbroken over her son's death. bernard madoff serving a 150-year sentence at a federal prison in north carolina, was notified of the death saturday morning. his attorney would not say whether madoff would seek to attend his son's funeral. mark madoff's attorney called his client an innocent victim of his father's monstrous crime. >> that was cnbc scott cone reporting. mark madoff's suicide is the third link to the scandal. the adviser who lost millions of his clients money and a british soldier who lost his savings took their own lives. coming up next on "today in the bay," the forecast you need as you decorate, get ready for
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your niners tailgate or head out to shop. speaking of shopping, we have ideas for gifts you goutbo aeel c good about buying. "today in the bay" continues in two minutes. ♪ i'm gonna get it, i know i'm gonna get it. ♪ ♪ i can't wait ♪ every little step, brings me closer to the gift. can't be late. ♪ ♪ rip it open in a second and it's time to play. ♪ ♪ i was up all night in anticipation feeling electric jewels of jubilation. ♪ ♪ yule tide carols from the local congregation. ♪ ♪ make it tough to hold my patience in check. ♪
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♪ is it time yet, is it time, i can't wait. ♪ ♪ is it time yet, is it time, i can't wait. ♪
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verizon 4gte l rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. looking live at the building in san francisco. you can see the clocktower there, 7:18 is what it reads in case you need glasses. the air quality management district issued a spare the air alert for today. you can't burn wood, fire logs or pellets for your wood stove. will you need your wood stove or fire place anyway in let's check the forecast. >> we're watching some fog for your sunday morning and maybe some misty skies in a few spots heading into the afternoon. a lot like we saw since yesterday we're going to see hazy sunshine, dry, probably through monday and then tuesday a chance of showers and then plan on a pretty soggy second
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half of the week as the rain comes back in. now the morning we're waking up to a spare the air alert for particular matter pollution. worse out toward the santa clara valley. this is one of those we call no burn days for anything that involves wood-burning fire places unless that's your primary source of heat until the winds can stir up. we don't have rain to rinse our skies. that will stay to the north where it is coming down in buckets. flooding for western washington. eventually some of the moisture will spill closer to us as we get towards monday. we will finish off the weekend with a dry note with hazy sunshine and patchy fog. highs should be in the 50s and 60s for the bay area and may get close to 70 around places like santa cruz and monterey. for monday notice the increasing clouds and eventually some showers dropping down the coast. we'll see this late in the day. most of monday will be dry but by tuesday morning in the north bay we will see the showers moving back through the bay area. temperatures to wrap up your weekend, not that bad.
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mid 60s inland but where the fog will linger for places like the livermore valley and our north and east bay valleys, temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. 62 degrees, low to mid 60s around the east bay hill tops and around the north bay some of the cooler temperatures will see likely for places like san rafael and novato. seven-day forecast looks dry through monday and the showers come in on tuesday and plan on rain off and on, may be heavy at times thursday into friday of this upcoming weekend. that's a look at your seven-day forecast. back to you. >> it is that time of year when many people are trying to find gifts for those hard to buy for loved ones and more and more companies are donating a part of their proceeds to charity. . here are few examples we found. iron horse vineyards is selling an ocean reserve bot really 10% of the proceeds go to environmental organizations. a chocolate store out of southern california called compart taste that offers up
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candies with a map of africa the sales help to support a womb's center in dar far. a t-shirt company sales t-shirts and bags made of recycled bottles. those sales support several cancer, green and pet charities. still ahead on "today in the bay" cheap seats for your san francisco giants home games. how you can snag a ticket for as little as 7 bucks. christine here with sports. the sharks back in san jose for some home cooking. ryan clo call him the closer, highlights of the sharks/black hawks game coming up. did they maket 9 straight ncs title. find out next in sports. ♪
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a mid western snowstorm brought down the stadium where the vikings play. we're waiting to see what that means for the nfl lineup for today and tomorrow.
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christine has that right now. >> the first game back after a long road trip is never easy for any hockey club including the sharks. back on home ice after a five-game road trip. not to mention their opponent on saturday were the reigning stanley cup champs. san jose hosting the chicago black hawks. sharks goalie niemi facing his former team. first period, ryan clowe six points in the last three games. demure here it to cloe for his seventh goal of the season. 1-0 san jose. chicago would tie things up and this went to o.t. cloe, has never scored a goal against chicago, until now. sharks win it 2-1. cloe's first career overtime goal and he has ten points in the month of december. sharks have won three out of the last four games. it was almost a foregone conclusion auburn quarterback cam newton would win the heisman
7:25 am
trophy. andrew luck projected to finish as the runner up. stanford would become the first school since purdue in 1968 and '69 to have two different players finish second in voting in successive years. tobey gearhart finished second last year. for the official announcement we head to new york city. >> the winner is cam newton, of auburn university. >> as expected newton wins the heisman trophy by a landslide, receiving 729 first place votes. luck is your runner up. the margin of victory was 1,184 points. the 11th largest in the history of the award. as for newton, he wins despite controversy surrounding his recruitment allegations surface. >> you know something that every child has a dream of, you know, that plays the sport of football and you know, i'm a living testimony that anything is
7:26 am
mobile. >> because of a snowstorm in minneapolis, the vikings/giants game has been moved to monday night. the giants flight was diverted and they are stuck in kansas city. meanwhile, the raiders travel to jacksonville on sunday and you can bet ex-jag john henderson is looking forward to facing his former team. >> oh [ bleep ]. ain't good enough. come on, joe. ah! thank you, baby. >> that's henderson taking part in his pregame slap me ritual. the defensive tackle said this about his former team, quote, it's going to feel good to go and whip somebody's you know what. he will try to stop maurice jones drew from having a big game. speak of dls bob and his spartans facing california in the ncs division 1 championship game. second quarter, bart houston, to lucas shah peer ro for a 26-yard td. de la sell rolls 49-21. it's their 26th ncs title, 19th
7:27 am
street. they will be invited to play in one of the state bowl games. cal has imposed sanctions on individuals who worked with the men's basketball team in 2008 for improper phone calls made to recruits, including former bear max yank. according to, head coach mike montgomery hired in 2008 met with the committee on infractions yesterday in indianapolis. while cal has taken its own disciplinary measures the ncaa has to decide what sanctions if any they will impose on the program. speaking of cal they will be in action today. i'm christine, have a great day. >> congratulations to tobey gearhart. if you want to relive the magic of the giants world series winning season grab your credit cards and get on-line. tickets for next season go on sale today. don't be a fare weather fan. the giants are selling a limited number of 2011 home game tickets today, starting at 10:00 this
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morning. the tickets are for 33 home games in april, may and june, including the series against the dodgers and the one against the as. tickets are for seats in the lower box view level and the bleachers and some start at 7 bucks, just my style. the tickets are only available at sf and giants dugout stores. coming up next at 7:30, exotic, not exactly what delta visitors are going for, but that is certainly what they're getting. a look at what lurks below and what it means for the san francisco bay. and the royal couple's official engagement photo. what they wore, who took the pic cture, and the connection to princess diana. io
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holler at the tv when i said
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andrew gearhart. i meant luck. congratulations coming in second. live pictures of the metrodome in minneapolis right now where the roof of the stadium collapsed overnight during a snowstorm. this is a stadium where the minnesota vikings play. it collapsed around 5:00 in the morning there, so fortunately no one was inside. investigators are assessing the damage to check and see if it will be ready for play tomorrow. twin cities yesterday, it was the snowiest day on record with 14 inches and counting. the game scheduled for today between the vikings and giants was already rescheduled for tomorrow and now looks like that might not happen either. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm chris sanchez. our local forecast that's not as dramatic with rob. >> good sunday morning to you. we have patchy fog, some misty skies in a few spots with 50s for the most part to get your day started and as we pass lunch time, you'll notice patchy fog lingering with highs eventually climbing into the low to mid 60s in parts of the bay area.
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not a bad day for most of your outdoor plans today. we will finish the weekend on a dry note, but plan on showers dropping back into the forecast starting tuesday and then more rain late in the week. >> prepare for an east bay invasion. that's what scientists are saying about a variety of exotic animals and plants found in the san francisco bay delta. the sacramento bee reports scientists fear the critters could threaten the health of people by transmitting the disease through the water. in september dozens of people at robert crown memorial beach in alameda got swimmer's itch, a rash caused by a microscopic worm from japan. scientists say the critters hitch hike on cargo and delta ships. organizers of the next america's company cup says san francisco could lose its chance at hosting the yacht race. organizers say the financial terms of the city's recent bid are unacceptable and they are giving the city an ultimatum get a new plan together by friday or
7:33 am
the regatta will go to another city. the chronicle says the news is taking mayor newsom's office by surprise after he held last minute talks with organizers last week. the city wants race organizers to pay to fix piers in exchange for the rights to develop waterfront property. silicon valleys ceos will have the ear of the commanders. the president will meet with 20 business leaders on wednesday including representatives from google and cisco systems. the president is trying to build better relationships with american businesses after his relationships with corporate america became strained after the health care overhaul and economy. the white house hopes the meeting will help the economy boosting confidence and encouraging businesses to invest their reserve cash. cnbc takes a look at the upcoming week in the world of business. >> reporter: wall street is waiting to see what lawmakers will do with president obama's compromised plan to maintain those bush-era tax cuts for all
7:34 am
income levels. house democrats expected to come out with an alternative plan, one without a break in the estate tax rate. opec ministers meet in ecuador this week with crude closing in on $90 a barrel, these oil exporting nations are likely to keep production right where it is. federal reserve policymakers hold their final meeting of the year debating interest rates and the direction of the u.s. economy right now. fed is also expected to release new rules that limit the fees that banks can charge retailers when customers use debit cards. those fees can add up to $20 billion a year into the bank's coughers. two readings on inflation expected to show prices are rising but not by much. november retail data come out just as holiday shopping season reaches its peak. in time for christmas sony comes out with a cd of brand new songs from michael jackson year and a
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half after his death. ti"time" magazine will reveal i person of the year for 2302010. -- 2010. watch the announce on nbc's today show wednesday morning. get all your business news on cnbc. >> that's always a good announcement to watch. also a reminder get your business and tech report before the markets open week days on "today in the bay." we get started very early at 4:30 in the morning. the business at a few clothing stores may be booming after the world's most famous royal couple wore them in their engagement photo shoot. you want to see these pictures. and here they are. fashion photographer mario testino snapped the couple dressed in jeans and casual tops in a state room at the saint james palace. middleton is wearing a blouse from mid-market retailers whistles and prince william wearing a brown sweater from taylor turnbull and of aer. more formal photos on a red carpet in the palace's council chambers.
7:36 am
the photographer who took those photographs took the series of black and white photos of princess diana for "vanity fair" in 1997. they look lovely. coming up next on "today in the bay" -- for some toddlers sports, they're hardly a friendly game of mommy and me. we'll take a look at how young t n. tious mpcoetition. join the jaguar platinum celebration !
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come celebrate exciting cars that are stunning to look at, exhilarating to drive and worry free to own. celebrate this holiday season with the gift of platinum.
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jaguar platinum coverage: five years or 50,000 miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance, and no cost replacement of wear and tear items. visit your bay area jaguar dealer during the platinum celebration for a $599 lease offer on the 2011 xf. let's be honest lots of parents dream of their kids being the next gold-winning super star, right? when it comes to giving children an added edge in sports where should we draw the line? ra he ma ellis has toddlers getting trained on the playing field before they're even out of diapers. >> reporter: this looks like a typical mommy and class with kids barely walking. already they're goal oriented.
7:39 am
>> he learns definitely specific soccer skills. >> reporter: from soccer. >> no hands. >> reporter: to gymnastics. >> summer salt. >> reporter: t-ball. >> reporter: eice skating. >> can i hear how loud you guys can go up and down? >> reporter: more and more toddlers are getting an early edge in sports instruction as early as 18 months. >> my man. >> reporter: parents are convinced it's good for their child's development and no age is too young to start. >> the earlier you start anything whether it's sports, music, art, anything, the better the foundation is. >> up. >> reporter: for all the excitement around introducing sports to toddlers, there's also concern that so much instruction at such an early age could backfire. >> toddlers at this age need to encourage their creativity, their imagination, their problem with this early instruction is it just smothers the creativity and curiosity. >> reporter: it's turning into a business.
7:40 am
places like super soccer stars, which opened with just two dozen kids in new york, has grown to 7,000 kids in three different cities. >> there's a demand for younger and younger age groups. >> reporter: there are dvds popping up. ♪ >> reporter: some geared to children as young as three months old. >> if we start them at preschool and teaching them how to spell and count, why not start them now at learning how to win, how to lose. >> reporter: 2-year-old selay has been taking gymnastics in new york for the past three months. >> she can do a hand stand without her head touching the floor. >> reporter: some parents would love it if this turned into a care career. >> his daddy would love for him to be a football player like he was. >> reporter: many others hope their kids develop enough skills to enjoy the game. ra he ma ellis, nbc news, new york. >> you have to know your kids and what they're into. still ahead on "today in the
7:41 am
bay" -- what will you pay in taxes next year. will you need a break? we'll break fou.
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7:43 am
with the clock ticking on the lame-duck session of congress, president obama's plans is running into strong opposition from his party. with more on the stunning development bring in bay area political analyst larry gur ston. here's the question, why does it look like the democrats have turned on each other? >> exactly. it is not pretty if you're democrats. it goes back to when obama ran for the presidency. at that time, you remember he promised to keep the tax cuts for the middle class. eliminate them for anybody earning -- families earnings $250,000 or more on the grounds the cuts were excessive, so said the president. because he felt the need to
7:44 am
extend unemployment insurance here's where it gets dicey. all these millions of people out of work, he had to negotiate a deal with the republicans to keep the tax cuts for everyone in exchange for the republicans extending unemployment insurance for those about to run out. most house democrats just feel that the president betrayed them. they're furious over obama's move and in a sense, chris, it's symbolic, a fight over $100 billion. i'm not trying to say it's petty cash. it's not. >> but in the scheme of things. >> in a $3.5 trillion budget, $100 billion over several years is not a lot of money. but the symbolism is the important thing in politics. democrats are furious. >> and i did hear president obama talk about that saying like the short-term fight was not worth the long-term, you know, results. so the question now is can the democrats who are frustrated, can they stop the deal? >> that's a good question. probably not. note the word is probably. probably. a lot of fury out there, but
7:45 am
it's going to be close. if the democrats succeed all the tax cuts will expire december 31st, everybody will see their taxes go up and the blame game will go on from there. democrats will say republicans held the poor hostage for benefits the rich don't need. republicans will say that democratic stubbornness brought about tax increases for everyone and the finger-pointing will go like crazy in all directions. >> what do you expect is going to happen? what are we watching for? what's the progress? >> the senate will probably pass it, okay. that's probably going to house. in the house that's the play area, the interesting area. most of the republicans will go with it. the question is how many democrats will go with it. that's where the fighting is all about. and you're probably going to see 40, 50, 60 what we call blue dog democrats go over and make the difference. in the meantime it's caused a great tear in democratic leadership. >> so assuming your predictions come true what does this rift
7:46 am
mean for the 2012 election year? crystal ball. >> crystal ball time. it's all about 2012. every move is about 2012. let's be honest here, they have nowhere to go if they run somebody else against obama in the primary, the figure there that we see right now would blow up and everybody's face. there's a cost to pay. obama understands it. he's taken a page from bill clinton's presidency. he's appealing to the middle saying look, we've got to compromise, we have to go, make shg work and he knows it doesn't have to go to the left because the left has no place else to go. all of this pushes obama toward the center and where the action is. he knows it's the center that has -- that will elect him if he's going to get re-elected. republicans here's the interesting part, republicans who so many people wrote off after the 2008 election, they are now calling the shots. they're the minority party and calling the shots as the democrats turn against each
7:47 am
other. and very significantly, the republicans have re-energized for the 2012 presidential campaign. chris, they're in the hunt, their in the ball game. we're going to see an interesting election. >> sometime it's not about your personal strength. how you can divide and conquer, right? >> there are so many balls in the air, the questions, the question is, which balls do the president have to catch, which can he let fall, and meanwhile, the democrats and the house are saying you're not catching us, we're not happy campers. >> we're watching this one. thank you very much, larry. we will be back with more news and more of your forecast. a little bit of a foggy start to the day in oakland. the raiders, of course, playing out of town. the niners are playing at home. and coming up, delay of game, why football players are hebafootiell fld af . the football field. t
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7:50 am
whiteouts this weekend as a powerful storm blankets eight states with snow. the minneapolis metrodome that stadium where the minnesota vikings play collapsed overnight during a snowstorm. crews are inside trying to figure out what's going to happen. it happened around 5:00 in the morning. no one inside. investigators are assessing the damage seeing what's next in terms of that vikings game first scheduled for today and then scheduled for tomorrow. the high temperatures in minnesota and dakotas is expected to be in the single digits and even below zero in some places. for the twin cities yesterday the snowiest december day on record with nearly 14 inches and counting for minneapolis-st. paul. the arctic blast is expected to blast into the eastern seaboard tomorrow as well with temperatures dipping into the 20s as far south as florida. the blowing snow shut down airports and slowed the new york giants travel plans to the twin cities for tonight's planned
7:51 am
game against the minnesota vikings. the giants spokesman posted a photo on twitter showing players stuck in kansas city for the night, just like regular people like the rest of us. that game is rescheduled for monday but with the collapse of the stadium, we'll have to wait and see what happens. of course in southern california they'll take whatever snow they can get, even if they have to make it themselves. 30 tons of manmade snow dumped on to hermosa beach, kids got to try their hand at snow boarding and sledding. it looks cold but the temperature in hermosa beach was right around 80 degrees. the folks in the the, you know, blizzard zone, they're not laughing at that one. let's check our weekend forecast with "today in the bay" meteorologist rob. okay. we'll get that for you if we can in a moment. also meet the press is moments.
7:52 am
away. >> coming up, the tax fight. president obama finds some common ground with republicans but at what cost to his democratic base. will the deal pass congress and what will it do to create jobs. we'll ask our guests the chair of the white house council of economic advisers austin goolsbee and then the politics of the center, independent mayor of new york city michael bloomg berg joins me to discuss the economy, president's leadership and his political future. our political round table, all coming up this morning on "meet the press." >> all electric leaf that so many have been talking about and waiting for, turns out the first person in the world to buy one is from the bay area. olivier chalouhi picked up his new nissan leaf yesterday at a nissan dealership in petaluma. nissan says the leaf is the world's most affordable all-electric car. next year the automaker is expected to deliver 50,000 leafs to buyers around the world but there is a waiting list and most will have to wait before four and ten months to get their hands on their affordable
7:53 am
all-electric car with a price tag of $33,000. not just nickels and dimes making their way into the salvation army's red kettles. as omar shows us, you would be surprised at what people end up giving. >> merry christmas. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: you never know what people will put into the red kettle. >> somebody will put something in the kettle and we'll think, they just gave maybe a couple bucks. it's a dollar, where there will be tens and 20s wrapped up in it. >> you get excited to find out what's going to be in the bucket. >> oh oh, yes. >> i can hardly wait. >> reporter: after more than 30 years with the salvation army major green has seen just about everything dropped into donation kettles. >> car keys, house keys, and a lot of pocket lint. >> reporter: he created this donation wall of fame. >> a german penny came in tulsa, oklahoma. >> reporter: the wall includes money from all over the world and jewelry for every part of
7:54 am
the body. >> this is one of those fake caps you can buy. it's got a marijuana leaf etched in it. this was in murfreesboro tennessee and this in pine bluff, arkansas. >> those feeks need their teeth over it there. >> reporter: the folks at the salvation army admit some of the stuff that comes in is junk, but other things, are worth their weight in gold. this 1400 gold was dropped in a kettle outside of elliott's hardware in dallas. green says he shows off the oddities to remind people the salvation army will take all donations to try to help others. >> i show these things and remind them that regardless of what happens, they need to give. >> reporter: and that was omar villa fran ka reporting in dallas. thank you for making us a part of your morning. the philadelphia eagles take on the cowboys on football night in america. our next news cast is at 11:00. we are watching the nfl matchup between the vikings and giants delayed by the snow.
7:55 am
also today is a spare the air day. so, don't light up your fire place or your pellet stove or you might get in trouble. "meet the press" is next with david gregory. have a great sunday and see you soon. wchl welcome to green ovation. i have a major issue. i have a home and i'm freezing cold during the winter and the man who's going to help us with that garret harwood is with us from eagle shield. thank you for stopping by. >> my pleasure. >> i need help and i've checked you out and you have a better business bureau credit rating of an a which i'm sure you're proud of. >> we are. >> looking through your testimonials. i want to be like richard in petaluma who says my home is feeling more comfortable and it's kept my house cooler in the summer, which is always big, and warmer in the winter which i need now. yes my heater and air conditioner run much less. the overall experience was a positive one. so you helped this person's house stay warmer and you lowered their bill. that's exactly what i need you
7:56 am
to do for me. >> i hear that every day. the reason we do that is real simple we utilize space-aged technology developed by nasa, super insulation if you will. in cur current home you have insulation that's been around 100 years, the technology hasn't changed. it just slows down heat like a sponge to water. why are you hotter in the late afternoon, early evening in the summer when it's cool outside? why in the winter do cats sleep on the roof? because heat rises you're paying your money to heat the world. because the insulation you have is ineffective, old technology. nasa designed reflective technology that's wrapped around every spacecraft and space suit so it reflects away the unwanted heat in the summer or in space facing the sun here in your home in the summer and reflects your created heat back in on the cold side in space or here in the winter keeps the heat you create back in. >> sure. >> same technology in space,
7:57 am
works here in your home. this is an example. one home without it, one home with it, look at the temperature difference. >> a big difference. and the key is no matter what level i'm on in my house i want it to be the same throughout the house, the warmth. >> because it reflects the heat back into the home rather than escaping. same technology here on earth and windshield visors to keep the heat out, thermos bottles keep cool what you want cool, warm, ice chests. it's the same tech snolg. >> what offer do you have for our viewers? >> expiring december 31st is your federal stimulus tax credit of 30%, up to $1500 so that's ending you got to do that now, gone december 31st. we're also waving our $350 fee for the energy audit using thermal imaging. that's waived. if you call our toll-free number right now, 1-800-181-0466, the first 200 callers that call now will get a space age water
7:58 am
heatheat er blanket. >> we're waving the $350 fee. tax crediting end december 31st. >> thank you for watching green ovation.
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